INSIDE International Consulting has a high profile consultants specialized in company internationalization consulting to design and implement international development strategies for its customers, from expansion to diversification and overseas growth of the business. Why to hire a Consultant Company specialized in Internationalization?

When a company decides to expand its operations to international markets, it is essential to accomplish previous analysis of the target markets and looking for the possible opportunities to be exploited.
To establish the right strategy is a vital element to be success in the global markets. Unfortunately, many companies around the world don´t make this step seriously, and the result is a fail market entry. This is evident fact from small caps to big corporations that have failed in the internationalization process.

Consulting Services to be success in the International Scenario

At INSIDE International Consulting, we help to turn opportunities into realities, allowing customers to get the best performance from their competitive advantages. We turn the challenge of investing in new markets into success.

INSIDE International Consulting provides a full range of integrated services for businesses expanding to international markets.
We have more than 15 years of specialization in the field providing the following services:

  • Market research to define the best market opportunities and their characteristics.
  • Identification of target foreign areas and markets
  • Identifying entrance barriers (together with our partners and collaborators, we can give a global vision of projects at various levels: legal, structural, financial, logistical, etc.).Stabilizing the right entry strategy
  • Strategic plan of entrance per country, defining the portfolio strategy for the brand, product, price, etc.
  • Applying the best tax planning for the target market
  • Dealing with exporting procedures and requirements
  • Supporting the company in the international legal aspects of Strategic Alliances such as Join ventures, alliances, franchising, licensing, distribution partnership among others.
  • Opening commercial or production branches, patent, trademark or intellectual property rights licensing agreements, trade agreements for technologies versus products, logistics agreements.
  • Defining operations and the relation between the new and main markets (customer service, presence channels, etc.).
  • Competition analysis
  • New market consumer purchasing pattern. Market Segmentation and marketing strategies

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